“ODDKO is the animal within – the wild beast longing to break free of society’s cage.”

ODDKO, a Los Angeles-based band, is the inception of award-winning director Giovanni Bucci (Korn, Fleshgod Apocalypse). The band lineup is comprised of Giovanni Bucci (Lead Vocals), Francesco Paoli (Drums), Gideon “Obsidian” Garcia (Guitar), and Dave Tavanti (Bass).

The band’s debut 5-track EP, Digital Gods, is out now on all platforms. The album’s soundscape includes a range of influences from metal and alternative to classical, electronic, and cinematic sounds. Along with the EP a new music video has been released for the track “D4TM”. This visual feast follows suit with the previously acclaimed video for “Disobey” which won Best Metal and Horror Video at the LA Music Video Awards, as well as both Silver and Bronze Telly awards.

The album’s first single, Disobey, delivers an engagingly dark surreal experience, a taster of the album’s  observations on contemporary society. The video for the track was directed by Gio himself and produced together with Paola Rocchetti through visual arts production company Void n’ Disorder (www.voidndisorder.com). “Disobey” explores themes of Man vs. Machine, of Nature vs. Technology, and depicts the goddess Hekate as a 21st Century nightmare, ensnaring victims and bending them to her will. The video beckons to the beast within, the hungry animal straining against the leash. A call to the wild: Disobey.

One of the most significant aspects about the video is the seamless integration between music and visuals, along with a fast-paced editing, connecting different surreal environments. This overload of visual elements has been created on purpose — leaving the viewer both stunned and dazed.

Gio composed and recorded Digital Gods entirely, initially tracking guitars, bass, electronics, programming drums, and lyrics, before collaborating with the likes of Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Veronika Coassolo (Tricky, Subsonica), Giacomo Castellano (Vasco Rossi, Piero Pelù), and Dave Tavanti (Kpanic). Production and recording of cellos, violins, drums, bass, guitar and various arrangements were orchestrated by Daniele Marinelli. The final magic touches were made in Los Angeles with the help of producer/sound engineer Rob Romano, and the album was mastered by Howie Weinberg (Rammstein, Madonna, Metallica).

Gio again partnered with Paola Rocchetti, through the Void N’ Disorder Shop (http://voidndisorder.com/shop/oddko-merch), to design a small designer apparel line inspired by the “Disobey” music video.

Prior to the ODDKO project and the release of Digital Gods, Gio has blazed his own trail in the industry. His background is multicultural; spending his life across four countries (Italy, Netherlands, UK and USA), which has deeply influenced his approach to music and art. He’s directed two award-winning videos for Korn, with additional music clients including Jane’s Addiction, MGMT, Andrea Bocelli, Timbaland, and Lindsey Sterling. He’s also done notable work as a motion designer for films such as Star Trek, RoboCop and Pacific Rim, while his services have been commissioned for high profile clients including Disney, Red Bull, MTV, Warner Bros, BBC, and Netflix.






James ‘Munky’ Shaffer from Korn
Amazing!! That shit is dark n scary, I love it!

Spencer Kaufman from C.O.S. (Consequences of Sound)
“Stunning video for the single “Disobey”.”

Joshua Millican from Dread Central
“Disobey is, legitimately, fantastic. I really dig the tunes and vibe”

“Sick track and video”

Andy Marsh
from Thy Art Is Murder
“That oddko music video is insane.”

Francesco Paoli from Fleshgod Apocalypse about Giovanni Bucci (aka ODDKO)
This guy is one of the most talented individuals I ever met in the music business.

Emily Lazar from September Mourning
“You have always been a genius at visual art and this is no exception. Congrats!”

Lauren Hart
from Once Human
“I am in love with your work!!!”

Brian Welch from Korn
“That looks crazy, creepy, disturbing, futuristic…. so awesome!”

Francesco Ferrini from Fleshgod Apocalypse
“The amazingly talented Giovanni Bucci at his finest with this mind-blowing project: ODDKO (feat. Francesco Paoli Official on drums). This music video is one of the most visionary I’ve ever seen.”

“Hear ODDKO’s Dark, Brooding New Alt-Metal Song “The Strangers””

Bernard Van Isacker from Side-Line Magazine
“ODDKO launch sensational video”

Dan Sarto publisher and Editor at AWN (Animation World Network)
“Outrageous maelstrom of sights and sounds, Disobey is both intoxicating and satisfying at the same time.”

Christopher Gonda from Puregrain Audio
“Oddko is making waves thanks in large to their trippy new music video for the single “Disobey”.”

David Knight from Promonews
“In command of both sound and vision, Bucci has seamlessly integrated them both.”

“The video is simply stunning! Well, there is one way to make a big impression with your first single, and is to go huge from the off, which the one-man project that is ODDKO certainly has done, to great effect! There’s a healthy mix of industrial and alt-rock musically, whilst the video is simply stunning!”

Patrick Walch from Noble Demon / ex-Nuclear Blast
“That video and song are AMAZING!!”

Alexis V. Mincolla from 3Teeth
“I think you’ve got something special”

Lucas Banker
“Sounds and looks beyond amazing!!!”


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